Online Casino Games: Business Course

  • Thursday, Jun 3, 2021

Online Casino Games: Business Course

When it comes to online casino games how much do you really know about them? You don’t have to be a gambler to know about online slot machines, you can know about teen patti and roulette games without having even played them. Casino games are iconic and entertaining.

Millions of people around the world play online casino games why? Do they even know how these games are built and programmed to work?

For many, these are just cash games, not casino games. By this we mean that the understanding of risk is thrown out of the window and all that matters is playing games to win real money seemingly no matter what the cost.

We are looking at a number of topics that circulate around online casino games. We will be sharing information with you on how casinos work and how online casino games are built.

We will discuss how you can play online casino games in a safe way to help you win Indian rupees from the highly popular cash games found online.

How online casinos work

A study of how casinos are made to work

So, how do casinos work? It’s a question with many answers. First, let us not forget that the reason they offer casino games is because they want to make money from them because the odds of winning is heavily for the casino and against the player.

Casinos are businesses there to make money first and foremost, thereafter, it’s nothing more than adult entertainment to play games for real money despite having high risk and odds against it happening.

The alure is, of course offering many famous games in India with the likes of teen patti and andar bahar, two traditional gambling games here in India. These are popular games to win real money from.

Now, the appeal to play games like this may already be through already inherited interest. You’ve played these games before, enjoyed them, so you will play them again. The other appeal may be done through promotional bonuses. In this case, the casino will look to attract potential players with offers that highlight extra cash credit and bonus free spins. Now, this targets players that may have never played card or table games before, but because there is a cash incentive involved, they may wish to try it.

These are obvious facets of a business, but the workings of a casino go far deeper, into the realms of A.I and algorithm software.

Casinos are built to an extent that it can profile players, it can record data in great numbers that help the casino to provide maximum service and interest. It may sound like a bizarre thing to do, but every casino holds a management tool that essentially acts like the brain of the platform.

This tool is there to log when you sign in and out, how long you play for, how much you deposit and withdraw on average, what you play, what bonuses you have opted to use. This player profile is stored and used and is also synched to all of the games within the casino.

The synchronisation of the online casino games to the management tool is there to determine whether you win or lose. Yes, this sounds crazy, but it is true. There is no such thing as luck, it’s all measured and calculated gaming. Why? Because the casinos have to comply with so many standards of fairness, whilst trying to maintain a profitable business. Just think about it, a casino can have millions registered, now luck is very limited when you get a multimillion jackpot winner once in a blue moon.

If everything was left to fate, casinos would be paying out far more regularly than they do, but it’s all programmed to be ‘fair’!

Let’s discuss how by looking at the online casino games and how they are made.

Understanding online casino games

The study of casino games and how they are built

Online you can access the best casino games, from andar bahar to video poker. Oddly, they are all built in the same way. Inside these online microgames you will find the same algorithms used as the building blocks that form both RNG and RTP programming.

First, let’s make it clear that there are many different developers out there from NetEnt to WMS, yet they all use the same building blocks in theircasino games.

So, what is RNG? RNG stands for Random Number Generator. This is an algorithm that uses a 30 billion numerical code to create the life-like effect of randomness. This is obviously false luck that comes about when you play online casino games. Now, the algorithms get checked and certified as fair by independent bodies.

The argument is that the RNG might actually be worse than the RTP algorithm which bases its wins on the amount of money put into the game by players.

The RTP stands for Return to Player and is scored on a percentage, usually 96%. This means of all the money put in 96% will be paid out in Indian rupees, whilst the other 4% is profit for the casino.

These cash games are manufactured to comply with fairness and as gambling games you still have the contention of the odds to deal with also. There are a number of hurdles to succeed in cash winning games. This is perhaps why sports betting is a far greater market for players. Where sports betting is not governed by algorithms, and it all comes down to knowledge and luck in your assumptions of your own knowledge.

Are there any strategies that exist to help you be more successful when it comes to online casino games? Well, the simple answer is no, but there is a ‘but’. Free demo games are official casino games, built to play with the same functions as a real money game, they just don’t pay out when you win. The idea of playing free games to win real money is plausible because you can better assess which games have the better volatility and development behind them.

What is volatility? This is part of the programming yet again. Where the algorithms dictate the payment part of the game, the volatility controls the performance. It’s the engine of the game and there are three kinds: Low, Medium, and High.

If we use the example of online slot machines. With a low rating, the slot will produce more frequent wins, but the profit will be lower. So, if you spin with a wager of 1.00 coins per spin, you may frequently win lower than this amount often and not really gain any profit.

With high volatility, the slot will appear to never payout, but when it does, then you are in the profit margins. So, it is the exact opposite of the low setting. Because of the infrequency, this game is often favoured more by high roller players that can afford the long game.

With medium-rated games, you have a performance that is somewhere in the middle. They will return both profit and low frequent wins.

So, how does all this tie in with the management tool of the casino? Well, besides fuelling the data with what you played and how long for, the important data is the cost spent.

To be compliant with fairness the casino will have to meet the obligation of the RTP algorithms. Remember, you put in and get a programmed percentage out. Now, this isn’t immediate. You might have to play for months and spend x-amount in the process before you see a return.

This is why players that give up too soon say the whole thing is fixed! Well, yes, it is fixed but not in a way that doesn’t ever allow you to win.

By tracking your spending and movement throughout the casino, the management tool and casino games can calculate when you win and when you lose!

Real money games

A study into gambling with real money

Why the allure of gambling games when the risks can be costly? Choice, oddly enough the decision of how you could fail plays a part. This comes down to the mental thought that players are somehow special and can succeed. The games are their weapon of choice in the battle of at least trying to win real money casino games.

This is why casinos present so much choice, from live dealer card games to slots. It’s not a case of micromanagement but microgames or gaming.

In tricking the player into thinking choice is a freedom, they develop variants to add to their menus. An example of this is seen in roulette. The roulette game holds many variations that include French roulette, American roulette and even oddities like Double Ball roulette.

Success with cash winning games has an addictive quality, quite clearly. Despite the odds and how they are built, as discussed, there is an opportunity to win. The funny thing in all of this is the idea that it is somehow the player that is against the casino.

The reality is that it’s the player against other players because, at the end of the day, you are trying to win a jackpot before another player does. The casino is already a winner because of the cut it takes from all the deposits going in.

Popular online casino games in India

A study of the most popular casino games

How do you plan on winning real money? Which gambling games have you got your eye on? What is India’s number one game to play?

Well, there are many options out there. There are over 7,000 different real money games developed for the Indian market alone. The majority of these games are the slots.

Online slot machines are the most played casino games followed by the live dealer options.

The diversity within online casino games makes for the continued success sites have.

Are slots the best games to play, hence their popularity? Well, slots have the best return margins if you pick and play wisely.

Most professionals will argue that of all the real money casino games out there, the best one to be playing is video poker. This argument is made because of the odds the games carry.

However, you may just want to settle playing the morepopular online casino games in India regardless of odds. These include traditional games like teen patti and the card game andar bahar.

Firstly, the decision of which real money games should be played should be based on entertainment, you want to enjoy games as much as you can because you will lose more than you will win. Then the best casino games can be judged by their odds and house edge.

The best casino games

A study into the games available online

If you are completely new to gambling and have no idea what the best casino games are out there, here we introduce you to all the available real money casino games that can be played online.

It’s also worth noting that in the case of games like online slot machines that there are many developers that help dictate what’s good and what’s bad. For example, there are developers out there in the world like NetEnt. Now, not many new players will know who they are or what games they have made, but NetEnt are the gold standard, hands-down one of the best in the world.

So, if you have the time to research, investing some knowledge into gaming developers will payoff in the long run.

Here all the best online casino games and live dealer features you can play right now:

  • Slots
  • Video Poker
  • Roulette
  • Teen Patti
  • Andar Bahar
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Craps
  • Baccarat
  • Sic Bo
  • Casino War
  • Scratch Cards
  • Bingo
  • Keno

These are all the main real money casino games that you will find online. All built using the same algorithms, same volatilities, made by different designers and developers. They are all unique in their entertainment and all pay real money in Indian rupees if you’re lucky!

Indian national gambling laws

A study of India’s gambling laws

So, can you really play online casino games to help you win real money? When it comes to the Indian national gambling laws remote based gaming is only legal when licensed by the state government. This is a law which is copied in the US and Canada.

Many of the online services are registered outside of India and licensed by European bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority.

These foreign sites are not tied to the gambling laws of India, in fact, because they are overseas, they are made legal because there is no law stopping players from accessing off-shore sites.

In short, real money casino games found within EU registered casinos are 100% legal to play and the winnings from these real money games will still be paid out in the INR currency.